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Project Description

Father Rich first approached me in 2010 about building a website for his collection of Papal Artifacts. Possessing the largest private collection of papal artifacts in the world, his website was a large and tedious project.

Developing the original site from code, I used PHP and a MySql database to organize his entire collection. This included biographies on the popes and categories for all of the different items. In the spring of 2015 I began migrating the site over to the WordPress framework.

The current site exhibits all items from the collection which is in the hundreds. It also includes biographies on all of the popes, saints, and notable individuals related to the items in the collection. Other features include a blog, contact form, glossary, and social media icon links. I also created and manage Papal Artifact’s social media profiles and accounts for Facebook, Google+, and YouTube.

You can view the entire project at www.papalartifacts.com (now managed by anySiteSolutions.com – 2020).

Project Details

  • Client Father Richard Kunst
  • Date August 1, 2010
  • Tags Social Media Management, Web Development
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