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Growing up in Duluth, Minnesota, I have grown to love this area and all that it has to offer. Duluth is my home currently, but after spending time in Alaska – I would love to make it back there.

Studying at St. Scholastica, I received my Bachelor of Arts in Computer Information Systems with an emphasis on Web Development. While attending Scholastica, I played soccer and spent my free time outdoors, which at that time was fishing and snowboarding.

After working for a year and attending school at Duluth Business University a year later, I received my Associate of Applied Science in Graphic Design Media.

Working for a couple of different marketing agencies and freelancing on my own has given me a lot of experience in just about every area of web development and graphic design.

Fly-fishing and archery hunting are now my primary hobbies outside of work but I enjoy doing just about anything outdoors. Just have a look at my Big Kype project.

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