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Growing up in Duluth, Minnesota I fell in love with the Outdoors.  In 2018 I relocated to Alaska to become a fishing guide. I have guided freshwater and saltwater for halibut, salmon and trout. In September of 2019 I flew North to Kotzebue, AK and began working for a hunting outfitter. As of November 2020 I work both as a fishing guide and Assistant hunt guide.

When I am not guiding I balance my time in the off season with web development projects, spending time with family and friends, and some fishing/hunting of my own.

In 2006 I received my Bachelor of Arts in Computer Information Systems with an emphasis on Web Development from the College of Saint Scholastica in Duluth, MN. After working for a year and attending school at Duluth Business University a year later, I received my Associate of Applied Science in Graphic Design Media.

Working for a couple of different marketing agencies and freelancing on my own has given me a lot of experience in just about every area of web development and graphic design.

From May through November I now keep myself busy as a fly-fishing guide in Bristol Bay and guide hunts for brown bear, caribou and wolves in Arctic Alaska as well as the Alaska Peninsula. I have also had the opportunity to guide Roosevelt elk on Raspberry Island near Kodiak, AK. I continue to maintain a strong social media presence through my Big Kype brand. During the off season I am continually looking for projects to balance my time.

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